Central Mass Film Festival

brand development, identity design

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The Central Mass Film Festival—or "CMF2" as it is referenced in short—is an independent film festival organized to feature the best of indie cinema in the New England-area. Headquartered in Worcester MA, the committee had already begun to organize satellite events ramping up to the main festival in the coming year. RDQLUS CREATIVE developed an identity that would give an organized, confident stance, while still having a air of "indie cool" consistent with this genre.

Worcester is known regionally as "the heart of Massachusetts" and while we all love a good visual, the blatantly obvious is just plain no fun. Borrowing from the idea of light that streams from old analog reel-to-reel movie projectors and the fact that film festivals show multiple shorts and features on multiple screens at multiple times, the idea was to work in the heart iconography from the simple overlapping multiple projectors. The crossing of the projected images forms the heart directly above the name. The red & blue colors are a throwback allusion to the old 3-D glasses and the RGB nature of color film, while the grayscale and black & white pay homage to classic movie motifs.