Seventy5 North / Highlander

contracted for naming, brand story and brand identity creation

this was so RDQLUS
creative counsel  /  brand evolution  /  brand identity design

As the Highlander neighborhood (a Seventy5 North development) continues to thrive and grow, one of the latest additions was to be a much needed food service concept—a place where people could obviously grab food but also meet and work. The “food hall” concept is something that has been updated from the malls of the 80s & 90s, into more conceptual gathering places. And now, Highlander has its own. RDQLUS was tasked with the naming, brand story and the brand identity of “Dining Room.” The concept was born from the hub or physical center of the urban/inner city household; the dining room was the place to do homework, the makeshift office to figure out the business of the home, to have family meetings, and to come together for more than just meals… and oh, the damn good food too! All of that went into the naming and brand concept of “Dining Room.” That is the story and meaning at the core.

The visual concept for the logo was centered around representing the elements of making a meal; where does food come from? It comes from the raw materials of growth, the actual elements of nature: earth, sun, water. The abstract plant-like shapes and colors reiterate this idea, visually. However, I didn’t want it to be rustic—it needed to be clean, bold, very modern and timeless… and above all, elevated and aspirational. Loosely hidden inside the shapes are a bit of an Easter egg—the initials “D” & “R,” for obvious reasons.