To create a brand for a youth-oriented "ninja" gym that promoted fitness, challenge & fun among kids and families.

this was RDQLUS:
creative direction / naming / branding / identity design / marketing


The television show "American Ninja Warrior" has been cemented in the landscape as very popular entertainment, and with that has come the viability of the activities shown in the show as real sport and an activity promoting physical fitness. Gyms focused on this trend have become viable businesses. Such is the case with the "FitNest." 

While most branding of similar companies within this genre of fitness have very aggressive stories and looks similar to cross-fit, FitNest is conceived and built far differently. The focus is mainly on giving kids and families an environment where fitness is a part of general well-being, and working out isn't owned by the muscle-bound and hyper-egressive. It's a kid-friendly, family-friendly spot promoting health, growth, and building good habits that will be lifelong. That doesn't mean adults aren't included, but the story starts with the idea of purposeful play—and that is for the kid in all of us.