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Revitalization of underdeveloped areas in urban centers is a hot-button topic and a very important to the communities in which it happens. When Chicago-based 'Brinshore Development' partnered with Omaha-area 'Seventy-Five North' with plans to revitalize an area in a crucial corridor of North Omaha NE, it was sure to be a promising venture. RDQLUS directed a top-to-bottom assessment for the new development.

First, an exhaustive naming exercise was conducted to find a name that was fresh, timeless and tied the new development to the history if the area. Starting with research into the geography and history of the area, careful consideration was given to the naming convention. From there, a brand pedigree was developed that will continue to inform the brand stance and messaging of not only the development but will serve to empower the community and very people who will live there. The identity system is built to be flexible in use, modern & stately—all without being dated. The brand story was naturally tied to the naming, but also served to establish the goals and socio-economic, educational and cultural aims of the new community development. Next, color theory and identity system design.

Next in the on-going project will come naming & sub-branded design in relation to community programs and endeavors spearheaded by the ownership and management of Highlander. 

The added bonus—RDQLUS has roots in the area, as Steve G. grew up 2-blocks away from the newly planned revitalization & development.