The NewBLK / MAHA (Executive Committee, Festival, Conference)

contracted for brand evolution

this was so RDQLUS
creative counsel  /  brand evolution  /  design  /  writing /  marketing

The MAHA Festival has grown exponentially in it’s run as concert & cultural gathering. In 2018, MAHA acquired the Big Omaha Conference coming off of it’s own impressive 10-year run of growth and success. With this massive undertaking and the need for MAHA itself to grow and evolve, serious brand ideation became a priority. RDQLUS was connected in collaboration with The New BLK to equip & elevate the MAHA brand to tackle the new opportunities and challenges going forward. RDQLUS’ role was to provide creative counsel, evaluate and expand the brand story, rethink and redesign the brand identity, and provide brand visual standards that could be stewarded by MAHA’s leadership team going forward

RDQLUS’s work was the inception point of what concert & conference goers—as well as the entire city of Omaha and the Midwest region—saw take shape; from the shift in tone, brand story, refreshed identity system, expanded logo use and iconography that invigorated the brand—to the point that even brand sponsors and partners were borrowing elements of the brand identity system for their own festival related tie-ins. Couldn’t ask for a better, more authentic response to the work done.