NIKEiD x RDQLUS Jordan 2012 "Classy Concrete" Pack
concept / color design

Nike's iD program has become a staple in their brand barn, as the place where their core audience can go to personalize popular sneaker silhouettes for a custom product. However early on, the program wasn't being widely used as a source of retail. RDQLUS was tapped to be connected with the NIKEiD program to help raise the profile of retail customization. So using their iD design portal, I created a brand concept and color story to take the project to another level.

The "Classy Concrete" Pack was a cross reference to the two vastly different worlds that define my personal style; high-end class, and streetwear rugged. Centered around that concept, two shoes were created; the "Jewelry Box" and the "Tuxedo." The light blue pair with matching translucent blue bottom was designed to be highly reminiscent of a certain famous jeweler with iconic blue boxes. The second is a monochrome mix of luxe suede and shiny black materials to create a dressy silhouette from athletic DNA. There are a wealth of details in each pair, such at the stitched lettering on the tongues of each shoe spelling out the name of the brand "offering solutions through the art f storytelling."