Cultivator (formerly “Sneaker-Lab” / Nike)

sneaker concept & design

just so RDQLUS:
creative direction  /  design  /  marketing plan  /  campaign concepts & design  /  writing  /  multimedia production

RDQLUS achieved what has long been a dream and goal—to be able to create a shoe for official release with a major shoe brand. That opportunity came in cooperation with Sneakerlab—an online boutique with a unique proposition to deliver limited-edition sneaker creations from recognized creatives as micro-releases. I was contacted by Sneakerlab officials to join their newest "class" of creatives and I was off to the races to design my own capsule collection for worldwide release via the Sneakerlab site for a limited run of five days only.

My concept would be based on my love and admiration for wanderlust & international travel; when we move about the world, we mix and mingle, learning and growing as we go. It is hard to hold such small and simple-minded prejudices when we are out in a wider world. We are altogether better. So with that in mind, my three shoe collection began to take shape. I chose to go with the Nike Air Presto for all three kicks because their packability ran parallel to the overall motif. This formless cloth shoe with a flexible cage fits in any bag or luggage quite easily, so you can wear one pair and pack two, for a full compliment of footwear on any trek you take. Each separate shoe is named and based on a moment experienced while traveling abroad. "Passport" is based on my actual passport booklet, with the textured navy blue cover with old gold stamp and subtle pink inked pages. "Clear Skies" resembles the sky and horizon over ocean waters at dusk as you leave the country. This pair also resembles the sand, sunset and waters of the Indian Ocean as I stood one Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Australia. "Soirée" is the dressed-up pair for night revelry in the streets of Paris.

After the creation of the shoes, the marketing became the main focus, as the promotional task fell to us creatives as the driving force through our social channels. Fortunately this is what I do at RDQLUS—squarely in the wheelhouse. I creative directed, produced, designed and starred in the "Citizen of the Globe" campaign, complete with photoshoots, digital ads and daily & weekly social media promotions.